Friday, November 11, 2011

Tropical kiwi sparkler

Just a sip of this fizzy fruity tongue tingler will transport anyone to a tropical island.
4 kiwifruit, peeled
500 ml (2 cups) tropical fruit juice
250 ml (1 cup) pineapple juice
ice cubes, to serve
sparkling mineral water, chilled, to serve
strawberries, chopped, to serve
kiwifruit, extra, to serve
small mint leaves, to garnish

Blend the kiwifruit in a blender until smooth. Add the tropical fruit juice and pineapple juice and blend until combined. Chill. Pour over ice into 6 large glasses and top with sparkling mineral water. Add the strawberries and kiwifruit, then garnish with the mint. Make 6 large glasses.


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