Monday, May 16, 2011

About Skin, Hair and Toxins

Most of us have days when we look in the mirror and simply despair of our appearance. This is the plan for those depressing moments. It’ll instantly re-energize your skin and your hair, making them look much healthier, and also offers tips to help strengthen both of these in the future.
About Skin and Toxins
Skin is one of the first parts of the body to show problems from toxin overload.
The main reason for this is that the body sees it as a non-essential organ; therefore, if toxins are wreaking havoc on the rest of the body, destroying nutrient stores and such like, the body diverts nutrients away from the skin to allow it to supply them to more vital organs like the heart and lungs. This is bad news for our looks, because the skin relies completely on nutrients for its health; if it’s lacking in essential fatty acids that the body has diverted to the brain, for example, it will look dry.
Toxins can attack our skin in other ways too. The healthy look of the skin depends on the circulation being able to supply it with the nutrients and oxygen it needs. Many toxins interfere with this process – the worst one being smoking, which constricts blood vessels and causes smokers to have a sallow, yellow complexion. On top of this, it’s been shown in research that smokers in their 40s have the same number of wrinkles as non-smokers 20 years older. This happens, according to doctors at Nagoya City University Medical School in Japan, because smoking increases levels in the body of an enzyme called matrix metalloproteinase (MMP), the job of which is to break down collagen - the fiber that keeps the skin firm.
Another toxin that causes problems with the skin is alcohol; in the body this is broken down into acetaldehyde which first attacks collagen and elastin, but also alters the shape of the red blood cells reducing the amount of oxygen travelling around the system.
Stress can trigger dull-looking skin because it wipes out the B vitamins our circulation needs to create healthy red blood cells.
When it comes to our skin, the real toxin is sun. It has been estimated by dermatologists that if we didn’t expose our skin to the sun we wouldn’t get a wrinkle until we were 60. As it is, most of us start to see the first sign of ageing in our early 30s, if not before.
Sunlight causes problems because it allows high levels of free radicals to be formed in the skin, and these start to attack the collagen and elastin fibers that keep our skin firm. Just four short minutes of sun exposure is enough to start this whole process happening. Sunlight also thickens the upper layers of the skin, which creates an unfortunate, dull, sallow appearance.
About Hair and Toxins
Toxins can also cause hair to look dry and dull, and this is for the same reason as for skin - it’s not seen as an essential organ by the body.
If the body decides the muscles need more B vitamins (because they are under stress), these will be diverted away from hair, cutting the supply of the fuel it needs in order to grow. Hair growth is also affected by poor circulation. It’s been shown that you boost hair growth by ten percent through massaging and stimulating the scalp; it’s therefore not difficult to see that poor circulation could impede growth by at least this much. Finally, hair has its own toxins to handle, such as all the perming lotions, chemical dyes, harsh shampoos and heat from blow-dryers. All of these are ‘toxic’ to the hair.
The Solution
Detoxing your skin and hair against problems is therefore a matter of reducing many of these toxins, or at the very least strengthening your skin and hair against them. However, in the short term, you can dramatically improve the look of your skin and hair with intensive treatments, plus massage and other moves that boost circulation. So the plan starts with an instant-result program to stop ‘bad mirror days’ in their tracks.


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